Other Services

Daily Air Consolidations


As an official General Sales Agent of several leading cargo airlines in Asia, we provide DAILY scheduled consolidations from Hong Kong (HKG), Shenzhen(SZN), Xiamen (XMN), Guangzhou (GUA), Shanghai (PVG) and Beijing (BNG) to all major U.S. gateways, including Los Angeles (LAX), New York (JFK), Chicago (ORD), Atlanta (ATL), Dallas (DFW) and Miami (Mia).


What this means to you, is no matter what day the cargo is booked for it will fly.

Daily Airfreight Consolidations from China

Reduced Airfreight Costs


We build our own air pallets, to ensure we can optimize the commodity mix, to ensure we can pass along the lowest possible costs to you.


What weighs more, as 1000 kgs of bricks or 1000 kgs of feathers?  It’s not a trick question, the answer is in real life, they weigh the same, but in the Airfreight world, it will cost 80% more to ship 1000 kgs of feathers because of space it takes up on the aircraft.  Since we build our own pallets, we are able to blend different types of cargo, in a way to ensure we are maximizing the volume weight relationship.  By doing this, we can pass along the savings to you.

Reduced Airfreight Costs to import from China

Customs Clearance & Deliverys


All shipments arriving to the US must be cleared through Customs before you can take possession.  As a licensed U.S. Customs broker for nearly 15 years, we can rapidly clear your shipments through U.S. Customs in all major U.S. airports.  Our experts can help you with commodity classification and duty assessment.  We offer a completely paperless process, which includes electronic duty payment to Customs.


You shipment does not stop after clearing Customs.  It also needs to get from the airport to its final destination.  Once clear, we can deliver your cargo to your warehouse or your customers warehouse.  Our vast network of trucking providers can ensure your deliveries take place timely, accurately, and safely.

Customs Clearence & Deliverys for Airfreight imports from China

Ocean Freight


As a Licensed and Bonded Ocean Transport Intermediary (OTI), Transmodal provides both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) Import Ocean Freight services. 


We handle in excess of 100,000 containers per year and maintain volume service agreements with the largest ocean freight carriers in the world, which mean we can provide you with multiple sailings and service options from all points in China to all points in the USA.

Trucking & Delivery


Though our network of offices and agents in the USA, we can effectively arrange delivery for your Airfreight, or Ocean Freight import shipment.

Warehousing & Distribution


We provide a scalable and flexible warehouse solutions for all your merchandise needs, including:


  • Storage

  • Retail Distribution

  • Cross Dock

  • Labelling & Retail Compliance